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Sexual Assault Response

Sexual assault is any form of sexual contact without your consent. If you have been sexually assaulted, It’s not your fault. Whether a stranger or someone you know, they never have the right to assault you. It has nothing to do with what you wore, where you were, who you were with, or whether you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time. You are not to blame.

Sexual Assault Support and Third-Party Reporting

Emergency Sexual Assault Support – Call or text the 24/7 Support Line to speak with a specialized resource worker: 604-389-9168


Sexual Assault Response
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Your Healing, Your Choices.


If you have been sexually assaulted, call 911 or go to your local emergency department.  While the decision is yours to make, getting medical care after sexual assault is important, even if you do not have obvious physical injuries.


Medical care can include treatment of internal and external injuries and pregnancy prevention. It is your choice what medical care you receive.  Expect to receive full information about your treatment options and the care available to you. You can have a friend; family member or support worker stay with you at the hospital.


If you were assaulted within the past 7 days, you can choose to have a forensic medical exam to collect evidence, even if you don’t want to report the assault to the police at this time. The evidence can be stored at the hospital for 1 year while you think about your options.

A Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner is on-call throughout the Sea to Sky Corridor. It is recommended to call ahead to the ER. These nurses are specially trained to collect physical evidence and provide compassionate medical care to survivors of sexual assault.


Support workers can explain available reporting options and offer support as you decide. In most circumstances, it is your choice whether you report the sexual assault to police. The exception to this is when someone’s safety is at risk.

If you decide to report the sexual assault to police, the police will start to investigate what happened. A victim service worker can provide support, information, and give you updates as well throughout this process. There is no time limit to report a sexual assault.

If you do not wish to report the assault directly to police, you can choose to make a third-party report which allows you to provide details about the assault to police anonymously through a third-party agency.


Information and Resources for Survivors of Sexual Assault includes more detailed information regarding medical and reporting options, what to expect, and what supports are available.

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You are not alone.

You may be wondering how you can help yourself in the days and weeks ahead. There are caring, confidential and non-judgmental services in all of our regional communities. Contact PearlSpace for support, information, and referrals.

Emergency Sexual Assault Support – Call or text the 24/7 Support Line to speak with a specialized resource worker: 604-389-9168


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