Rebranding FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

PearlSpace, our new name, was chosen because it creates the opportunity for inclusion for equity-denied groups, and those who are, or have been erased from the feminist anti-violence movement.

Removing “women” from our name helps furthers our commitments to Two-Spirit, Trans and Gender Diverse communities. This does not change our commitment to supporting cis and trans women survivors, alongside Two-Spirit, gender diverse and non-binary folks who experience even greater levels of gender-based violence.

PearlSpace is symbolic of replacing fear with hope, striving always to be helpful, and offering an inclusive place where everyone belongs. Our PearlSpace logo is rooted in the natural landscapes of the Sea to Sky corridor and Stl’atl’imx regions of which we offer our services. The reflection of nature is a reminder to see the beauty in nature’s cycles and to take a moment to breathe the freshness of air after stormy weather, revel in the stillness, be present and accepting of changes that are helpful in forging forward along the path of our unique journeys.

The journey to develop a new name and brand started in late fall 2021 with a Rebrand Committee who helped the organization retain feminist communication and design. We collaborated with branding experts to help guide us through a deeply reflective and strategic process of choosing a new name.

A Gender-Diverse Inclusion Committee assisted in examining the needs of the 2SLGBTQQIA+ community to help identify service gaps in the Sea to Sky corridor and how our organization could change to meet the needs related to gender-based violence and discrimination.

Nothing about our program participant-centered mission, educational programs and accessible services will change. We will continue to operate our 24-hour Crisis Lines (including text and online chat functions), drop-in centre services, emergency housing programs, PEACE Counselling and Violence Prevention Education, outreach services, counselling subsidies and emergency loan programs, emergency sexual assault response services and supports, support for gender-diverse individuals and resources, referrals, advocacy and awareness initiatives. We will also continue to offer educational outreach and transformative work to foster systemic change—just under a new name. 

If you have any questions regarding our new name or rebranding please contact Ashley Oakes at


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